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Is the streaming era the next music industry ice age?

At long last, we have the celestial jukebox we dreamed of a decade and a half ago. Nearly any song is at our fingertips in seconds and that privilege costs far less in our collective minds then the shiny discs on the shelf use to back in the days. Heated discussions suggest this bubble of end-user bliss comes at the expense of another mans wallet, farying from artists right down to the people who pioneered the idea of renting music over the Web to begin with. So what's up and what's down? Lets discuss!


Scott Cohen (The Orchard, GB)

Founder of digital distribution pioneer The Orchard and artist manager. As a well-recognized public speaker and lecturer, Scott travels the world evangelizing new business models for the digital age. He is a visiting professor at London Metropolitan University and sits on the BPI Council.


Mark Mulligan (Music Industry Blog, GB)

Digital music and media strategist with 15 years of analysis, consulting and management experience, with a proven record in strategy, thought leadership

and business development. For 11 years Mark Mulligan was Vice President and Research Director at Jupiter Research and then Forrester Research,

where he led research and analysis into how technology shapes media businesses and the consumer. Mulligan additionally works in an advisory and

non-executive capacity with a number of early stage music start-ups. He is also the co-founder of MIDiA, a boutique, media industry focused consultancy,

and maintains the industry leading Music Industry Blog.

Chris Deering (GB)

Chris Deering's career spans over 3 decades in Consumer Packaged Goods Marketing with Glilette, as International VP-Computers and Games Marketing with Atari, was COO of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, International Division from 1992-1995. Chris Launched the Sony PlayStation in Europe as President / CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe in from 1995-2003, and served as President , Sony Electronics Europe in 2004/2005, where he was also on the Board of Sony Ericsson. A graduate of Harvard Business School, Chris also served with McKinsey & Co in New York. Since retiring from Sony in 1995, Chris has been a non-exec director at numerous high tech firms, including Codemasters Group, Jetix Europe, Wayfinder Systems( Mobile GPS Systems) ,Geomerics Ltd(Games Lighting Middleware) , Tangentix Ltd (Game Code Compression) and TRC Media Group. Chris received a Bafta in 2003 for lifetime service in the UK Computer Games industry.

Chris Ruen (US)

Chris Ruen is a author from Brooklyn whose essays and criticism have appeared in The New York Times, Slate, The New York Press and Stereogum.

He is a former Contributing Editor for the internationally-distributed Cool 'Eh Magazine and has covered music culture for Tiny Mix Tapes, a Minneapolisbased

online music magazine.

David Touve (University of Virginia, US)

Assistant Professor and Director of the Galant Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Virginia.